Gender Biased While Dining Out

I suppose Josh and I are not a typical couple when it comes to dining out - or eating in general. Is it fried, full of calories with no real nutritional value? Please sit it down in front of me. Is it water, salad or "good/better for you"? Please pass that over to my husband.

This is how a typical dining out evening will go for us- we sit down at our dining establishment of choice (usually some mid-priced chain place - what? we're cheap!). I order a coke - Josh asks for a water. Waiter scurries off, returns and puts the water in front of me and the coke in front of Josh. *sigh* I've tried saying something, quickly switching them so the waiter sees, or even making a joke about it. Nope. Does not compute. They will even refill the drinks and HAND THEM BACK TO THE WRONG PERSON. I do NOT drink DIET. EVER.

And then for the ultimate fun is when the ordering begins. I usually request some sort of fried food. Usually just an appetizer or something. Josh will order a salad about 75% of the time. Once again they will put the salad in front of me (ummm - I don't eat salad. It does not digest. At all. Salad makes my post dinner time WAY too TMI.) and pass the unhealthy appetizer/dinner over to Josh.

To finish off this fun of misunderstanding - a lot of evenings I have my purse, but Josh will leave his wallet in the car. It's a joint bank account. Yet, not only do they give him the bill, but when they bring it back to sign they hand it to him. The card has MY name on it. Melissa. Which is not even a partial boys name. *le sigh*

People, people, people. There are some men that are conscientious of their figures (take Josh as a healthy example of working out, eating right, etc) and some ladies that just love to eat what they want (*waves*).

For any servers out there - please consider that the woman is the soda drinking, fried food eating person who pays for dinner. And for any other's like us - any advice? At all??

And here is a picture of me biting Josh's face just because it's a funny picture. I feel as though I need to place a photo in every post to make this blog more interesting. Hopefully they all won't be me "abusing" my husband.

*hugs and kisses*

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Emily said...

I lived with a guy (roommate, not romantic) for a while, and this happened to us ALLL the time. One server totally gave him the cold shoulder after hearing him tease me about eating queso when I kept talking about losing weight.


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