I Hate Maryland Drivers...

Seriously. I know east coasters complain about Jersey drivers - but Jersey I can handle. It's Maryland that drives me insane. And we live SO close which means we have a lot of Marylanders driving around here and I am in Maryland frequently driving. *sigh* There is just something so cocky and obnoxious about how territorial they are on the road.

So guess what we are doing this weekend? DRIVING TO MARYLAND. Lol.

BUT it will be totally worth it. Know why? It's CRABFEAST 2009! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

My favorite guy college friend hosts this little extravaganza every other year with his best friend. We made it 4 years ago, but had to miss it two years ago. So we are back in rotation and ready to party!!

The plan is to eat lots of dead and old bay covered crabbies and drink lots of beer (well... other people will drink beer - I will be full from crabbies). We will also stay up late and party and hang out and there MAY be fireworks... YAY!

And if I can get everyone moving and get things cleaned up we are going to steal Mikey to give us another personal DC tour.

This was our little friend from last time that we found at some point in the day.

I can't wait for SATURDAY!!!

*hugs and kisses*

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