Last Zumba Class for this session...

BUT Kandice and I signed up for another one starting in September!! Lol. Monday and Wednesday nights. Lets ZUMBA!!

I *may* also be taking a photography class this fall. But that is only a maybe.

Work is going well. I missed working. Thanks for the part time job Jason. :-D

Saturday is CRABFEAST 09. Be jealous. VERY jealous. I can't WAIT to see my mikey. I miss him.

Also, there was a couple of posts on a financial networking site I'm on (you don't think we just talk money do you? THAT would be boring.) discussing narcissism and picture taking.

I made Josh take this picture. And I cropped someone else out of it cause I thought I looked super cute in it. So there. This is from June of this year. Two hair colors ago.

*hugs and kisses*

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