A Swell Sunday

Originally today we were supposed to hit up Virgin Mobile Freefest today in Columbia, MD. I managed to score some tickets thanks to a friend I chat with on the internet. :0)

And even with the awesome line up (Girl Talk, Weezer, Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday and more...) we decided to bag it. Why? Although the idea of a concert is fantastic, the actual concert makes me cringe. I am NOT a crowd person. As much as I love people and LOVE being in FRONT of a crowd, being IN a crowd make me want to ball up and cry.

Oh wait. I've done that. The last time was in high school (it was fourth of July, I lost my friends, I sat on a curb in the middle of a crowd and cried until someone found me). I was 18. *sigh*

Since then I have managed to not actually do the whole sitting down and crying thing, but I still start to hyperventilate a little sometimes. I do slightly better at concerts if there are seats. This concert was not to have seats. And there would be LOTS of people at this sold out event.

The closer it got, the more nervous I got. Josh is the best husband in the world, knew I was getting apprehensive and this morning we decided to just stay home. We did manage to find some friends interested in the show who took the tickets from us today (hope it was good!).

THEN I made Josh a happy little camper. He's been missing his favorite Skull Candy ear buds (that I bought on clearance because they were blue and Josh was all like "WHY did you buy those for me?" and I was all like "because they were on SALE and they were BLUE." And he was like "You'd probably buy crap - literally - if it was on sale." And I was all like "Only if it was blue." And he rolled his eyes. And then I said "Fine, I'll return them." But then I didn't and then he fell in love with them and he completely ignored the fact he didn't want them in the first place. So I win.) since FOREVER and he was soooo upset.

Guess who found them today? Oh yes. I am the freaking most awesomest person ever.

As my reward he agreed to grab some dinner and go to a park. We grabbed subs at Jim and Nena's. I had suggested Same Lewis. Josh wanted something new. So instead we headed to Highpoint Scenic Vista (the Mason Dixon Trail goes RIGHT through here).

This whole post started as a reason to post some pictures. That was a lot of words just for some pictures. Lol.

There are more pictures. And more story (involving ice cream!). But it's late and I'm tired.

*hugs and kisses*

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Gem said...

Sorry you ended up not going to VirginFest, but I don't blame you at all. As good as the concert sounded, I hate crowds too! Especially ones involving lots of drunk people, things never end well when one steps on me or something and I can't keep my mouth shut :-)


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