Ole Bull Midnight Madness 2009

On our way to Ole Bull State Park. I hung out the window while driving to get this picture of my bike.
Just some pretty sky on the way. Things just look cleaner in the middle of nowhere.
I spent over an hour stringing Christmas lights up at our campsite. It was AWESOME lighting for camping! Less bugs too!!
Matt broke his chair. I got up to grab my camera of him in said broken chair. I tripped over a bike stand and supermanned it on the gravel. KARMA.
There were these teeny tiny frogs all over the campsite. I hate to think how many I stepped on. They were about the size of a pencil eraser and they crawled all over our tarp.
Isn't this road beautiful? I love the tree lined roads up north.
This puddle was there when we started camping. I loved the reflection.
We could only keep our newly cut, wet wood burning with... a fan! Remember the sushi fan? Lol.
This was one of Josh's teammate's sons. He takes excellent pictures doesn't he?
They had to run across this bridge and grab their bikes, then ride back across the bridge to get to the other side to start the race. This breaks up the pack a little so it isn't just tons of people trying to ride their bikes.
That's Andy coming around the first lap. Our camp site was RIGHT there. I was sitting in my camp chair watching when I took this picture.
The husband before his first lap.
Some pictures of his bike pre first lap.
A new style of camelback.
Our future bike mechanic.
I wasn't joking there was a bear. They had a freakin bear trap.
That's all for this recap. Want more pictures? Here you go.

*hugs and kisses*

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