No Time for Recapping Really...

Last Saturday was super busy with photographing a 1 year old's birthday party, then driving to Maryland for a crabfeast.

Sunday we hung out with our crabfeast friends and helped clean up a little.

Monday I worked all day and went grocery shopping (and stopped at Sonic) with Kandice.

Tuesday I stayed home and did 9 million loads of laundry (maybe not THAT many, but close).

Wednesday I worked at the shop, then went to Lancaster to help Kandice at work. Got home at 8:30, went to wings, went to the grocery store and did one last load of laundry.

Today is Thursday. *sigh* No more updates today.

I will leave you with ONE picture I took last Sunday while we were cleaning up from crabfeast. That's my friend Mikey riding on the side of the truck while we were flying through the fields around his friend's house returning stuff. It was hard to get a good picture while BOUNCING around the back of a truck, but I do rather like the way this came out!

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*hugs and kisses*

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