Everyone needs to know someone like Rachel

So I have a friend named Rachel.  She is one of my favorite people.  We met on a "financial networking group."  No, we've never met in real life, but hopefully that will change soon.  People meet spouses on the internet, so why not meet great friends??

Rachel is a super bright spot in the world.  She is kind and caring.  Lately things have been a little medically rough for her.  Yet, she still finds time to ask me how my life is going, how I'm doing, etc.  She worries about others and is such a genuinely sweet person.  Words don't even come to me on how to describe her true awesomeness, so I'll stop sounding stupid and just say I ADORE this girl.

Anyways, last Thursday she had surgery to remove some sort of (we are hoping benign) mass on her collar bone/neck.  She texted me post surgery to let me know how she was doing.  She also sent two pictures.  One she is smiling just like she usually does - she is one strong girl.  

I let our friends on our group know how she was doing and one of the fabulous ladies (hi "Ali"!!) suggested we take up a collection to send Rachel flowers.  Since the ladies on this site are all over the US and Canada and a few throughout the world, I set up an online contribution place.  In just a few HOURS we had over $1000!!  I ordered flowers to send to Rachel and then we had to decide what else to do.  When I closed this fundraiser today we had $1320 (with a couple other donations coming in later)!!!  Wow.  We let Rachel know what we did and she is going to split the money between two causes important to her.  

I will list which ones she chooses when it happens.  That way anyone can donate later if they choose!!  

A little funny was something else we were thinking of doing with the money.  Rachel has a favorite jewelry website called Dogeared.  I picked out two necklaces I thought she would love and asked the ladies to vote.  Thank goodness I didn't order them because I found out from Rachel on Friday that they had SENT her the EXACT two necklaces for being such a wonderful, inspirational person and promoting their product!!  I must have good taste considering they sent her the same ones (and they have TONS of necklaces too)!!

Here is what she received:

 This is the "Explore" necklace

Also on Friday she received the flowers I sent on behalf of our group.

I stole this picture from Rachel's blog.  The flowers did turn out beautiful, and look at that lovely reusable canister!  Lol.

All of this has restored my faith in humanity.  People ARE willing to help others out.  These ladies have never met this young woman and selflessly sent money for no reason other than to brighten Rachel's day.  There really are good people in the world and lately I am ever so thankful I know so many of them.  *hugs* to all the fabulous people in my life right now.  It really means so much to me!!

*hugs and kisses*

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Rachel said...

I'm blushing... xoxoxo


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