April Showers Bring May Flowers

and weddings.  And... more showers?

So this past weekend was a BUSY weekend.  I feel like I say that a lot.  Eh, well.  It's the life I lead.  

These were the events to choose from this past weekend:
1. Friend's wedding on Sat at 1:30PM in York, PA
2. Josh's cousin's wedding on Sat in Kentucky
3. YCP alumni thingy that some OOT friends would be IN town for
4. Josh's cousin's wedding on Saturday at 4PM in Boiling Springs, PA with reception and after party
5. Turkey Hill Bike Race on Saturday

We ended up choosing numbers 1, 4 and 5.

UNFORTUNATELY the non-swine flu sickness I am suffering from really ruined all my fun and plans.  Well not really, but I felt so sick I did not enjoy myself as much as I wanted.  Boo hiss.

My Saturday went as follows:
7:30AM - wake up and shower
8AM - pack, curl hair, pin curls up so they keep, etc
9:30AM - leave for Turkey Hill
10:22AM - the cat 3/4 race starts *Josh had ridden his bike in the morning and met me there*

We saw a friend who had run the 10K and won it!!  I took some pictures of him.

After 4 laps we had to go though since we had to get home.

More pictures can be seen HERE
11:30AM - leave race and head home
Noon - Josh showers, I finish my hair and makeup, we get dressed, pack the car
1PM - leave for the first wedding
1:30PM - start of first wedding for the day
    the groom 
(yes I KNOW the pictures are crappy.  I have a point and shoot and it is not low light indoor friendly.)
    the happy couple

    A friend and I.  We were just the cutest wedding guests there!
More pictures HERE
2:45PM - wedding is over and we have to LEAVE before the reception.  Off to wedding number 2 of the day!
*note I was feeling crummy (blowing my nose every like 2 minutes and coughing a LOT), but I managed my typical car pictures.

3:40PM arrive at second ceremony site.
4PM wedding ceremony #2
    the bride and her dad peeking around the corner before the processional (this is Josh's cousin Ann)
    The bride and groom saying their vows.  Awwww...  love them!
6:30PM cocktail hour started

8:30PM The reception began!  Unfortunately it had already been a long day and I was crashing.  I didn't take many pictures at all, my socialization was nil and I didn't even really dance.  Boo.  I just felt crummy.  I hope to see "my" (aka Ann and John's) friends again soon since I barely talked to anyone.  Here are a few pictures though.
The first dance.

The husband and I.

There MAY have been a LITTLE dancing (Aunt Barb started a congo line).  
Other than a few slow songs with Josh this was my ONLY dancing.  Boo.

Josh broke it down though with his little sister.  So cute!!

The bride, bridesmaids (LOVE these girls) and the groom peaking in behind.

The final picture of the reception.  Me and the bride!
More pictures HERE
Here are just some pictures of me at the end of the night (this blog is about ME you know).  The fully outfit.  I loved it.  The hair band I made myself.  A headband from Target, some fake flowers from Michael's and some hot glue.  Walla.  Lol.

Midnight - we headed home.  We were supposed to share a room with Josh's cousin Scott and his date, but I was feeling miserable (the pictures are VERY deceiving as I can put on a good face).

Sunday Josh and I SLEPT.  And relaxed.  And Josh went into work for a while.  We grabbed some chinese food when he was done and relaxed some more at home.  Lol.

It's Monday currently and it's RAINING.  Ugh. It was 90 in April, it's mid 50's and raining in May.  *sigh*

Tomorrow is Tuesday and my friend is getting her BREAST REDUCTION tomorrow.  YEAH!!  Good luck Whitney!  You are definitely in my thoughts.  :-)

*hugs and kisses*

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