Stitches be Gone!

Today was another plastic surgeon follow up on the boobs.  It was 5 weeks since surgery this past Friday.  I can't believe it's been that long!

Everything looks fantastic.  He took some pictures since I won't see him for TWO months.  Wow.

Unfortunately I had two stitches poking through.  He clipped them both.  Thank goodness it didn't hurt as much this time!  Last time I almost cried.  I made lots of faces this time and the nurse laughed at them, but it really wasn't bad.  

From now on, I can remove them myself by just tugging on them.  *gag*  The stitches inside should have dissolved enough to let these pop throughs just be removed through pulling.  We'll see if I do it myself or call him to do it.

I'm happy with the results, he's happy with the results and all is well.  

Here are some PICTURES:

Here are the previous posts that had pictures.

I have another picture to share.

I want these.  I found them at Target.  They have LADY BUGS on them and we live on LADY BUG lane.  Lololol.  I thought it was cute.  Whatever.

Oh, and yesterday was another busy day.  Josh's sister is getting married in July and her MOH threw a surprise bridal shower in the Reading area.  I drove there and Josh RODE his bike (his plan was to get there when it was wrapping up - he succeeded well on the timing).  It took him about 4 hours and he went about 70+ miles.  Pure craziness.  It was WINDY and somewhat COLD here.  Silly boy.

     Here is a self portrait of me.  
I can buy DRESSES now.  AND I look cute in them.  I think this will be my get up for the wedding we'll be at this Saturday.  

Shower was good.  I was tired though.  After we got home last night it was CRASH time.  *yawn*

Tomorrow they are coming to pave our driveway.  Fun.  No parking on it for FIVE days.  Ugh.

My other reduction surgery friend will be two weeks post op tomorrow.  She looks so flippin fantastic.  WOW.

Another friend is scheduled for July 2 for surgery.  ANOTHER friend is getting it done June 22nd.  

I did not start this epidemic.  Someone else did, but I LOVE how supportive we are all to each other.

Oh and for my close friends, I updated the naked boob pictures too.  

*hugs and kisses*

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phatgirlslm said...

It is too funny I came across your picture and blog on thenest. I had a breast reduction in 2004 and just had a stupid dream lastnight that they grew back. It is very wierd how I don't think about it for a while and within 24 hours there are two references to a breast reduction.
BTW...my name is Melaniesb on thenest.


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