The yard sale that is.  Let's recap shall we?

Friday I got to Amanda's at 6:45.  People were already out trying to find the yard sales (the newspaper ad, craigslist ad, and SIGNS all clearly stated that the sale did not start until 8AM).  And these early risers were RUDE and MEAN.  Holy jackass people!  They wanted to buy everything for lots of dollars less than marked (and haggling is fine - but don't make an offer, get turned down and then be a jerk about it telling me the stuff is crap).

Not only were people asshats, but they came in DROVES.  By noon we had made close to $500.  Now, there were 4 of us with stuff at the yard sale, so there was lots.  Noon to 3 when we close we didn't make much more.

My day one "close" was $112.  Yay!!  My goal was something between $100-150 so I was right there!  I told Amanda that after that day I was done - but no.  *sigh*  We still had another day.  

BUT, it was birthday time!!  Dave's birthday was friday, so the boys got out of work early, came home and met us girls and the four of us headed to Hunt Valley, MD.

First stop was dinner at the Silver Spring Mining Co.  We started with drinks.  It was eh.

I got a Malibu Melt Down Martini as did Amanda.  It was small and tasted just like my "signature" drink (aka fruity flavored rum like coconut, pineapple, etc with OJ).  Nothing special.

Here is a picture of the birthday boy and his wifey poo.  Lol.

Appetizer was the restaurant's signature food the Maryland Crab Pretzel.

This was pretty yum.  Everyone else got burgers and I got wings (since I still can't eat much) and we were kind of on a time crunch to make a movie.  The food was good.  The company was better.

Next the four of us headed off to the movie theatre to see Angels and Demons.

We got there, got seats (it was PACKED) and then Amanda and I went to grab some snacks.

This is what greeted us.  I have never seen a snack CART before.  He was so friendly and kept laughing at me.  I was overwhelmed at the possibilities.  He even had racks of fountain soda underneath!!  Wow.  Lolololol.  Amanda was cracking up because I blurted out "I'm from PA and we don't have these things."  Maybe we do, I haven't been to a movie theatre in like 2 years almost.  

Non spoiler movie review.  It was good.  It didn't follow the book.  It started SLOW and it was long.  All this means that I sort of missed the good stuff because I was so distracted from the slowness of the beginning.  This is why I watch Disney and Pixar movies.  Ha!

By the time we got home I was WIPED out.  I fell asleep immediately upon hitting the bed.

Saturday was another 6:45 arrival.  We moved slower that morning.  So did the yard salers.  They were much nicer too.  Thank goodness.  We didn't sell nearly as much.  I did sell a pool though for $70 so that's how I ended up with a second day total of $116.  

Fiona was all curled up in the easy up case.  

She did not really like the disruption of my picture taking.

Josh and Dave weren't around for the sale since Josh was racing, but they came back just in time to bring us Subway for lunch.  Yum.  Then they put the cat leash on Sidney.  He was not really into the whole "outside" thing.

          Josh had to hold poor Sidney.  He was ascared of the outsideness of the world.  He was born a barn cat!  Lol.  How quickly they forget.

Sidney and his BFF Josh.  These two love each other in almost a weird way.

After cleaning up a little bit and getting stuff put away, Josh and I headed home, showered and ran errands.  We were wiped again and so to bed we went.  

There are a few more funny stories from the weekend and some pictures from the BIKE RACE, but that's not for today's post.  I have somewhere to be in a couple hours and I have to go get ready and prettified.  Can't wait for Monday - weeks are like my weekends lately!

*hugs and kisses*


Gem said...

We went to Silver Spring Mining Co this weekend too! One of the other ones though, it would have been too weird to find out we almost ran into each other. Their crab pretzel is quite good, but this Marylander needed more Old Bay on it. :-)

Amanda said...

Crab pretzels are the best!!! We moved from Baltimore to Omaha and I miss Maryland food so much!


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