I ate breakfast while he threw up...

Nope, not Josh.  My brother.  He's 15.  

Since childhood he's had some pretty odd/severe respiratory problems.  They aren't typical and have caused lots of doctors appointments and scratching heads.  Yeah, we are more alike than I think anyone would have liked.  Different medical abnormalities, same freakishness.  *sigh*

So anyways, he tends to have some morning phlegm problems.  Not too bad usually, but brushing teeth is always a fun adventure.  Now, I have a super sensitive gag reflex too.  Brushing teeth has never been my strong suit either.  BUT, add to that gag reflex a copious amount of phlegm and drainage and it can become a fun little game.

Saturday morning I was downstairs with mom eating breakfast.  I was having fruit loops.  Yum.  I hear the little brother upstairs in the bathroom with the door open and all of the sudden the retching begins.  He gags, retches, heaves and just makes some awful sounds.

Mom and I continued eating our cereal.  Apparently we have no problems with puking.  Ugh.  Again - I get it from my momma.  She did yell up once he was done asking if he was doing okay.  He was.  He came down and ate breakfast then.

Puking and rallying is important in college.  My brother will be a CHAMP at this.  I promise.  Watch out college parties.  This kid is going to go in like his sister and drink with you due to our keen ability to puke when needed to keep going.  

Having nothing to do with drinking, puking or rallying (well at least not the last two, I had a drink close to me in this picture), is one of my favorite "recent" pictures of us.  Actually, it will be 3 years ago this July 1, but I still love it.  It's the morning of Josh and I's wedding.  

My brother is such a fantastically great kid.  My whole family is fantastic when they aren't driving me nuts.  I think it's more that they drive me nuts because they remind me of all the things I do that I don't like.  Make sense?


*hugs and kisses*

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