Yard Sales are Scary

Okay maybe not like "OMG someone is coming after me with a knife" scary, but just more of "how did I accumulate all this crap and did someone really just BUY that??" scary.


So tomorrow I am participating in my friend Amanda's community yard sale.  I did it last year and I'm not going to lie I had a lot of fun.  Last year though, Josh and I stayed at Amanda and Dave's house because at the time we lived on the OTHER side of town, but since moving in August we are a 3 minute drive and a 20 min walk away from each other.  Lol.  They had NO idea when we became friends we'd stalk them this well. :-P

Funny (well NOW it's funny) story from last year.  Amanda had this purse for sale.  It was one of those designer purses - possibly knock off, but I don't remember.  She was inside when a customer asked how much and she yelled a price out to me.  No purchase.  So about 10 minutes later another lady comes up.  

Now, don't get all mad at me, but to tell the story properly I have to say that she was of Asian decent and did not speak very good English.

She asks "how much purse?"  I'm not going to lie there was a 15 second delay to figure this out because I wasn't paying direct attention to her when she asked.  I usually need a 15 second delay to talk to ANYONE that I'm not paying direct attention to when they ask a question until I process what they say and then formulate an answer.  Well apparently lady was not asking ME this question.  And when I responded "Oh, that's $20" she became FURIOUS.

The gist of her getting angry with me was that SHE misunderstood ME and thought I said it was too much for her.  Basically she went on to play Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman and berate me for telling her she doesn't have money.  I tried apologizing, I TRIED explaining myself but she was having none of it.  She threw the other items she had in her hands down and stormed off.

When Amanda came back out I apologized like 10 times.  I never meant to upset this lady and totally was not saying what she thought I said.  I realize it was a huge miscommunication, but it just sucked.  It kind of ruined my day for a little while because then I felt like some racist jerk.  *sigh*  

Yet, as money always does, at the end of the yard sale I'd made more than I expected and so was happy.  I even snooped around the other yard sales and ended up picking up some Dean Koontz books I didn't have previously for cheap.  Thus adding to my ever growing book collection.  Sorry Josh.

My goal for this yard sale is to make about $100-$150.  My birthday is 2 weeks from tomorrow and I want this money to do something fun for myself.  The something fun is yet to be determined.  I'll figure that out eventually.  

Thus my plan for the next few days is as follows.
Tonight - finish pricing and getting stuff to Amanda's.  Set up as needed.
Tomorrow morning - Get up early to be at Amanda's by 7:15-7:30.  Yard sale starts at 8. 
Tomorrow evening - Yard sale ends at ??, so who knows.  Then get showered and cleaned up.  It's DAVE'S BIRTHDAY tomorrow so dinner, drinks and a showing of Angels and Demons are on the schedule!!  Yay!!
Saturday - Get up early to be at Amanda's by 7:15-7:30.  Yard sale starts at 8
Saturday evening - Yard sale ends at ??, so who knows.  After that we'll see what state I'm in to figure out what else to do.
Sunday - plans.  

Yep, another packed weekend.  I'm used to it.  I don't mind really.  

I'll leave you with some "fun" pictures to look at.  Lol.  I got my hair cut last week and here are the before and after shots.

The before shots my hair looks gross.  But, I had it in a pony before taking them.  Eh well.

*hugs and kisses*

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