I have some weird addictions.

Alcohol - eh.

Food - I do like to eat, but not that much.

Drugs - nope.

Exercise - bwahahaha

BUT, show me a sale on panties and I'm like a crack addict that hasn't had a hit in 24 hours.  OMG I NEED new panties.  I need every color, style, cut.  I love them even more if they have bright colors or funny sayings.  Just TYPING this I'm getting weirdly excited.  Hm.  It's so wrong.  I have a drawer FULL of panties, but I always feel I need MORE.  American Eagle has a line of bras, undies, etc called aerie.  Those jerks emailed me this morning offering 7 pairs of panties for ONLY $25.   

This is TORTURE not buying them.  I may or may not have 10 new pairs of panties from Victoria Secret's PINK collection.  *pouts*

I really want these 

cause like it's my birthday one week from today!!  And HELLO that's my sign.  

I don't think I can talk Josh into this one though.  *sigh*

I went into panty buying rehab for almost 6 months recently and Josh had no idea that my mom would take me into Vicky's.  But she did.  And I came out with my first 5 pairs.

Less than a week later Amanda and I went to the mall and we may have ended up in Vicky's again.  That was pair 6-10.  

It's another week later.  I don't think pairs 11-17 are necessary, but it's SO tempting.  Maybe if I promise to throw out my old ratty favorite period panties.  Hmmmmm... 


Happy early birthday to me from Josh and Mom.

I would have posted pictures I TOOK with the camera, but Josh deleted them.  I blame him. 

I'll have to do a post later after I get outside and get some good pictures again.

So I have the Nikon D60 body.  It came with an 18-55mm lens.  Weeeee!!  The accessory pack is coming today.  I can't wait.  


*hugs and kisses*


Amy said...

OMG! I am the exact same way. I have enough underwear to wear two pairs a day if I want, and I'd have clean underwear for a month before I'd have to get into the fancy and lacy kind.

The VS 10 for $25 is calling me, and I'm trying my hardest to stay far far away.

stickboy said...



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