But it's NOT Memorial Day!!

I was born Memorial Day weekend 1982.  It was a Saturday.  When Memorial Day weekend rolls around and it's NOT my birthday weekend I feel all out of whack.  It's like the whole world is off it's rocker.  Ha!  Then again - maybe it's just me.  *sigh*

This past "Memorial Day" weekend was busy again.  Saturday we had a WEDDING.  Wow, haven't heard about one of those in a while huh?  

I got to take my new camera to the wedding though.  Wow.  Love it!!  Have some preview pictures.

And here are the rest of the pictures.  Anyone like the cupcake tower?  Hmmmm?  That was OURS from our wedding!!  Ha.  Now the happy couple has the lovely chore of pushing it off to someone else.  THAT was the agreement.  They could have it free of charge, but they have to get rid of it afterwards.

I was an excellent photographer if I do say so myself (for being an amateur with a new camera - ha!).  The wedding was lovely, the reception was wonderful and then we ran errands.  I am not a huge fan of morning/early afternoon weddings (sorry JB and Whit!!).  I just feel like I should DO something afterwards since we were done by like 3:30, but it was post a WEDDING and so I felt like bleh.  And tired.  But then I realized I needed a bathing suit for the beach on Sunday, so we just did a *little* running (errands, not actual running.  i do not run.).

SUNDAY was beach day with the LADIES.  Kandice, Suzy and I took a little road trip to wildwood, nj.  It just so happened to be the kite festival, which was entertaining.  The beach itself was a total bust.  Cold, cloudy and WINDY.  Yuck.  We managed to entertain ourselves though.

Lol.  Nice pictures huh?  Here are a few more.

Yesterday was Memorial Day, but it just wasn't.  For serious.  

Today is Tuesday.  I had a doctor appointment, met Josh for lunch, came home and it's been laundry-o-rama at our house.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  And rain.  Miserable.

Birthday is Friday.  This should be my birthday week.  I should be all excited.  I'm not though.  Maybe it's the weather.  *pout*

*hugs and kisses*

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