Tour de Ephrata Day 1 Recap

Josh's alarm went off at 5:15AM. I snuggled in bed for a whopping extra 15 minutes then drug my sorry self up as well. Showered, dressed, packed up and ready to go we headed out of the house at 6:30AM. A quick stop to grab gas and we headed to the Ephrata area. We did get SLIGHTLY lost on the way there, but it was only about 5 minutes out of the way.

The registration line was ridiculously long. Josh stood in line from 7:30 until almost 8:20. NOT good when you need to warm up.

He came back jumped on the rollers for a little bit and got ready to go since his race started at 9AM. Warm up over and the line up started. This takes forever. They just stand and stand... Ugh.

Josh is directly to the right of the official walking.

And he's off!!

It was a great. I had some company too (Josh's dad and little sister). We talked and hung out during the 30 mins in between laps. Some entertainment came from this guy though.

Yes, he ran his mower RIGHT into that sign. The grass was super damp, so he kept spinning his tires trying to back up. Then he futzes around for a while. Then he gets off the mower and tries to get himself out of the situation. There was a lot of snickering during this. When he finally figured it out and rode by the crowd, there was a small golf clap going on. Not sure how amused he was. Lol.

Josh did REALLY REALLY well at this race. It was one of his best finishes EVER. I am so proud of my cyclist hubby. He is really improving his racing skills and it's showing big time.

Josh is the last full person on the right. I think this was lap two (I missed him in lap one. The picture just didn't turn out. Boo.

It was three laps and here is the sprint finish!

Yes, he's blurry. He rides fast!!

Here he is! Eighth place!!

I always love the post race wife and husband picture. Aren't we cute??

So Dave and Lexi left, and Josh got changed so we could go watch the cat 3/4 race since our friends were in it. We did feed zone for them as well.

Check out the photos for the rest of the day HERE

*hugs and kisses*

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Angel said...

I'm impressed....5 minutes on a bike seat and my tush is achin'. Good job to mj's hubby!


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