Colorado or Bust (day 1)

Colorado or Bust was a 6 day, 5 night adventure in Colorado with our friends Kandice and Jason. It was one day a few months ago that Kandice and I discussed Southwest airlines having great sales. In less than 48 hours we had made a plan, purchased plane tickets and started mapping out our time out there.

Kandice and Jason were seasoned Colorado visitors, but it would be Josh and I's first time west of the Mississippi river and into the Rockies. I don't know why we waited this long.

We left York, PA for Baltimore, MD where we flew out at 8AM. Here is the story in photos with commentary.

The rest of the photos can be found HERE and HERE for your non-commentated viewing pleasure. The second HERE were taken with Nik my Nikon D60 DSLR. I mostly shot in manual modes. I need some SERIOUS practice.

So here starts the show. Enjoy!

This is how we look at 4:30am waiting for our friends to pick us up for the airport!

Initially I felt pretty okay on the way to the airport. I felt a little flutter in my stomach while waiting to board the plane. I was okay when we were waiting for all the passengers to board. The engines started up, we started to taxi down the runway and I completely lost it. I had taken half an Atavin. Apparently that wasn't enough. I sobbed and hyperventilated. Josh held my one hand and our friend Kandice held my leg. Jason thought I might ground the plane. Thank goodness that didn't happen! Once we got into the sky I was fine. It's going to take some work, but I'm sure I can get over that.

Here are some photos in the sky.
After we made it to the airport, got our bags, grabbed our FREE (thank you Kandice and your sweet hook up!!) rental car, we headed into Denver to meet a friend for lunch. He was working down the street from this place
They had a $5 lunch sandwich special that everyone else got. I ended up with this

cold frosty beverage and some buffalo chicken fingers (that were REALLY good).

After leaving our friend we headed to good old Golden, CO. Home of Coors Brewing Company.
This is Josh and the first time he was in the Rocky Mountain Air. Do you see the love on his face??
These are all the beers made by Coors. I had NO idea they owned Miller now, and the "moon" beers, and Leinenkugel!! Who knew??
So I found these bottles stuck to the wall with velcro. Being such a kid I immediately ripped them off the wall and we handed the camera to a bystander! We then started a trend and watched as people lined up to hold the bottles and pose. I'm SUCH a trendsetter.
The husband and I enjoying our free samples.
This was the visitor's entrance to the Coors factory. The actual factory stretches FIVE miles long!!
We took a winding road that let us look out over Golden. It was a breathtaking and windy road.
Here we are at Loveland Pass. It was THREE when we got out of the car and felt COLD. Josh ran up some steps that take you to exactly 12,000 feet and he almost passed out. Elevation changes are really serious.
Here are Jason and Josh at 12,000 feet. A guy said he was a professional photographer and took this photo. Ummm... it's okay.
This was the sunset as we traveled to our final destination of the day. In the valley you can see the lights of the resort we stayed at - Keystone. They are one of the only mountains that has night skiing!
Unpacking the car in the underground parking at our condo.

Not long after this we ended up hitting up a place for dinner. We went to The Goat Tavern. Jason talked this up as a GREAT place. Maybe when the season is in full swing and you want a great place to grab some beers and hang out with friends. NOT a place you go to when you want some comfort food because you are exhausted.

All in all day one was AMAZING!!

*hugs and kisses*

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