When they do external stitches

sometimes they do internal ones. Internal stitches apparently look like white string. Very similar to, oh say... gauze strings.

Now when one of those internal strings pushes OUT (which apparently can happen), it can wrap around the external stitches.

A normal person would have tried to untangle what they could THINK was gauze string with their fingernails, but I had just cut all mine short.

So I grabbed my tweezers and yanked.

The string of obscenities that left my mouth as I sunk to my knees to the ground WHILE almost passing out was unbecoming of a non-sailor.

I undid and pulled out about 1/2 inch (slightly less... maybe) of internal stitches from the inside to the outside of my body. My arm is in PAIN. Lots of PAIN. I must have hit a nerve or something while quickly and efficiently undoing the hard work my dermatologist did.

After sheepishly confessing my stupidity to the derm's office I was told no repetitive work, no lifting ANYTHING - even my arm above my head, no driving even. Needless to say my day has been loads of unfun nothingness. Can I catch a BREAK??

2009 is working on ending as memorable as possible. Just not memorable in the good way.

*hugs and kisses*

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