Plastic, Pig or Person?

Those are my options to fix me.

So surgeon confirmed it is a paraesophageal hernia. It's not as terrifying as I read on the internets (stupid internets), but it isn't nothing either.

I will be needing surgery to fix this. Within the next 3 months.

I CAN however go skiing, traveling, etc until then. I will REALLY REALLY need this vacation to unwind, destress and not go crazy.

Here is what I was told. The fundoplication surgery did not CAUSE this issue, but it did help facilitate my stomach making the move upwards. When my hiatal hernia was fixed, no one realized how weak my diaphragm was or how strong the positive pressure in my abdomen was in relation to the potential weakness of the negative pressure of my chest cavity.

Therefor, the negative pressure helped pull my stomach up, while the positive pressure helped push it. My diaphragm couldn't handle all of that and allowed my stomach up through.

To fix this they need to insert something to help strengthen my diaphragm. Unfortunately this is not long term. It's all experimental and up in the air. There are newer and better things all the time, and not one of them is the perfect fit.

The plastic mesh is too hard and doesn't give like that area needs. It has also been know to saw into the esophagus. THAT is bad.

The pig parts are... well pig parts. They would have to kill the pig to get the parts. I will consider this if they promise me the bacon. ALL of the bacon. And some pork. Maybe even the ham. I don't eat pig's feet though, so they can keep those.

The people parts. Well they strip all the cells off the tissue leaving the matrices. They then strengthen the matrices. Then my own stem cells will fuse with the strengthened matrices and adhere to and strengthen the diaphragm.

The people parts option looks like what the doctor would like to move forward with. I have until January 5th to look into everything before I meet with Dr. Prats again. We will then discuss the options and make a decision and firm up a surgery date.

I may try to get a second opinion though. I just want to make sure this is the best road for me to take. This issue is long term and chronic. I most likely have several more surgeries in my future and constant monitoring.

Tomorrow I will be myself. I will be okay and bright and happy. Today though I will wallow in self-pity. Why? Because it sucks. I'm tired of the "it could be worse" thinking today. Today, it is my worst and it sucks.

*hugs and kisses*

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