Colorado or Bust (day 2)

The plan for day 2 was a trip to Breckenridge. A friend who had lived in PA (whose folding table came in handy for Christmas!!) had come late day 1. We also had plans to meet with several other former PAers at the mountain.

The morning started with Josh the yoga instructor helping Kandice and Blake in a little pigeon pose. Jason was cooking breakfast during this.
The troops on the way! See me ALL the way in the BACK? We had a Kia Borrego as our rental and it was GREAT. We were able to seat 5 people plus 4 sets of equipment and bags! All the backs of the seats were plastic which was nice for the wet snow stuff too!! I'm easily impressed.
That's Josh in the light blue jacket and brown pants. This was him heading onto the lift for his first ski run EVER in CO!!
Kandice, Jason and Josh on the lift!! Nice picture guys!
Jason on the snowboard and Josh on the skis coming at me.
This is about 2 seconds before he covered me in snow. Jerk. :-P
The boys at the beach in Breck.
The ladies. It was COLD, but it felt so WARM. I LOVED the weather and the super blue skies!!

And while everyone was out on the mountain I took the gondola down to the town and did some site seeing.
Here I am! The mountain behind me and the town in front of/below me.
There are quite a few of these abandoned buildings on the main street. They are boarded up and I am somewhat assuming they are historical, but no one wants to do the upkeep so they are letting them go. Hmmmm. Not sure.

The mountain from the town.
Some old bar. The exterior is original and has been maintained. Very cool.

So what else happened while in Breck. Well, I got a free sample of elk jerky (I am not a huge jerky fan, so this was just meh), a free glass of wine (a shop was having wine tastings and I was the ONLY person around), and a free beavertail (don't be a pervert and click on the link to see it's FRIED DOUGH). I chatted with a super sweet girl at one shop, got hit on by some guy (he even asked for my number!) at another shop, and ran into someone originally from Harrisburg, PA in another! My only downfall of rudeness was The North Face shop where they were SUPER rude to me. Thanks for nothing.

A funny though. While perusing the town I criss crossed the main street several times. The town is VERY walker friendly and each cross walk has large signs letting vehicles know to yield. At one crosswalk I looked both ways, nodded to the parking attendant next to me and went to cross. I almost got ran over by an SUV!! Apparently he didn't see parking lady and sped up. There was another guy at the next block she radioed too and he got fined!! I was impressed they took my safety so seriously!

After the long day for every one else (me too - I did a LOT of walking) we all met at Bubba Gumps for some buy one get one free appetizers and drinks!
The table from left to right around. Josh, Eric, Jennie, Lauren, Blake, Megan, Jessie, Tom, Stacey, Kandice, Jason and me! I'm in a photo! Yay!! (and sorry if I butchered anyone's name)

After this we followed our friends to one of the guy's work parties. It was in this CRAZY huge awesome house. There were three floors and THREE kitchens. It was HUGE!

Kandice and I played with the cutest little girl while the boys drank beers. Josh somehow got roped into trying this.
He said it was like a bloody mary. I thought it tasted like ew. CLAM and TOMATO juice with BUD LIGHT, salt and lime?? WTF?? Apparently you will never get a hangover from drinking this. Well duh, because you can't stomach enough to get you drunk!!

Day 2 ended happily and we may have done some hot tubbing to soothe their sore bodies and my sore legs.

I think it was sometime around this day that I fell in LOVE with Colorado. It's just beautiful!

*hugs and kisses*

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