It's December 1

Which means only 24 days until Christmas. I love Christmas and normally adore this time of year, but things have been less than fabulous around here.

Let's do a list of things that is going crazy in my life as a way to deal with it and MOVE on.

1. My alien baby. Surgeon appointment on Thursday. I better get some answers.
2. Family issues. Teenagers are stupid. I love them, but stupid. *sigh* I screwed up too as a teenager, but when I was a teenager there wasn't the social networking or INTERNET or the over abundance of cell phones. Stupid.
3. A week from Thursday we leave for CO. The Ativan test went exceptionally well on Sunday. I'm still nervous about getting everything together and about the whole... you know... FLYING thing.
4. My christmas/holiday cards are out. Now I'm afraid I forgot people. Awesome.
5. I'm getting sick I fear. My throat is sore. Really sore. I have a tree to buy and decorate on Saturday!!
6. Still have presents to buy and wrap, and yet when?
7. Need to buy all the ingredients for Christmas cookies, make said cookies, wrap and distribute. Oh, and before all THAT I need to figure out WHAT I'm making.
8. Oh, and I have to pack for the trip.
9. The house is barely half decorated.
10. We are hosting TWO family Christmases at our house. This means we need to clean the house.

So want to be able to properly stalk my movements?
Thursday Dec 3 - surgeon appt
Friday Dec 4 - pick up friend WEDDING dress
Saturday Dec 5 - get Christmas tree
Sunday Dec 6 - pack and maybe make cookies
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Dec 7,8,9 - work
Thursday Dec 10 - fly to CO!
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Dec 11, 12, 13, 14 - hang out in CO and try to get together with some friends
Tuesday Dec 15 - fly back from CO
Wednesday Dec 16 - do lots of laundry
Thursday, Friday Dec 17, 18 - work
Saturday Dec 19 - finish shopping/wrapping for Christmas
Sunday Dec 20 - enjoy the day... or most likely clean the house
Monday Tuesday Dec 21, 22 - work
Wednesday Dec 23 - have my arm cut open to remove the pre-skin cancer cancer cells
Thursday Dec 24 - work early and begin food prep, then have immediate family Christmas
Friday Dec 25 - Christmas! Open gifts with Josh, then drive to parent's house
Saturday Dec 26 - Drive back from parent's house in time to make it to FIL side family Christmas
Sunday Dec 27 - Get up early to make food, and then host MIL side of family Christmas
Monday Dec 28 - SLEEP
Tuesday, Wednesday Dec 29, 30 - work
Thursday Dec 31 - New Year's EVE
Friday Jan 1 - Thank God it's the freakin new year and hope it's better than the last one!!

I might update now and then. If not either I'm doing the above things or I'm dead. Weeee!!

*hugs and kisses*

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