Okay, so I warned you.

I had my abnormal skin cells (precancerous or something of the likes) removed from my upper right arm today. I'm right handed. Christmas is in one more day. We are hosting two Christmas's here and attending two more. F^$<

Whatever. All my news lately has been sucktastical. Let's just add something else stupid to the mix.

So Josh and I went in to the derm today and she is SO nice. She numbed me up and went to town. I chatted away, but could NOT look at what she was doing. She said she was making a small football shape around the biopsied area and then would stitch it up. Small? Really? Josh said it looked huge and gross. Good thing he has a strong stomach and didn't pass out while looking.

The nurse bandaged me all up and it was... ummm... large. Lol. It stuck up off my arm like 2 inches. Seriously. AND the tape wouldn't stick to my skin.

So I had Josh take pictures of the offending bandage before I ripped it off (supposed to be on for 24 hours).
Do you see how HUGE it is? And while that is what she said, that's NOT what she meant.

Okay and I know my arm looks HUGE and fat. Ignore that.

And I warned you it's gross.


So there it is. Awesome huh? And my arm hurts. It probably doesn't help I came straight home and started making more Christmas cookies. Lol.

So THIS is how I feel about Christmas this year
Thank you Oscar for this sentiment. (And that is my t-shirt. I Love Oscar.)

AND since I'm posting annoying and yuck pictures take a look at my knee. This is a week after I fell skiing. It was black right after.


2010 better bring me good things. Like candy. I like candy.

And thank you to all my friends, internet, real life and just my everyday readers. I know I've been a poopyhead lately. It's just a phase. I'll get over it.

Someone asked me if I'd been naughty or nice this year. I thought about. I thought I'd been nice, but the way karma has been dumping on my lately (and not the good stuff) I'm afraid my original assessment is off.


*hugs and kisses*

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