Bad blogger!

Sorry that I haven't posted at ALL since Friday.  A lot has been going on.  Friday I posted, but then got the bad news about my grandmother.  We decided as a family that since my mom, dad and brother had to be in GA for my brother's training that I would head to my parents on Monday to help out with Meme (FYI - it's Monday).  I'm here now and will be until Friday I think.

Saturday was Josh's first road race of the 2009 season.  I'll post some pictures later.  It turned into an all day event.  After the race we went to Sonic, then to two different wineries.  I got home, showered, napped for two hours and then went to Josh's teammates house for a late dinner.  

Sunday was laundry and total relaxation/snuggle time with Josh.  I needed that to keep myself sane.  We did go to a friend's for a Sunday "family" dinner night.  A quick run to target to grab some last minute stuff and I just vegged/crashed when we got home.

Today was busy.  9:45 I picked up Josh from work for my 10AM appointment with the plastic surgeon.  Nothing exciting.  I signed lots of paperwork, he answered questions, more papers, etc.  I'll post my list of questions and the answers in another post.  

I then had lunch at Josh's work.  I was an intern there for a while and I REALLY miss the guys I worked with.  A couple of the guys sat in the conference room and ate lunch with me.  It was so much fun!!  Thanks guys!!

Then I had a dentist appointment.  It went just fine.  No cavities!

Finally I headed home.  I was going to stop at Meme and Pap's (my grandparents), but Meme was tired, so I waited and I'll head up there tomorrow for the day.

Thanks to Rachel for keeping me in good spirits too.  You rock!

I'm here now watching TV, playing on the interwebs, playing with the dog and cat and feeling like an idiot because I forgot my phone charger.  Oops.  Might have to pick one up tomorrow.

Going to bed soon (it's lonely by yourself).  

*hugs and kisses*

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