First BBQ of 2009

So Josh asked yesterday if we could have some people over for burgers and dogs.  No problem except we didn't have burgers or buns for either.  I made some bacon and ranch pasta salad from Betty Crocker and a chocolate pudding pie (with fresh bananas and whipped cream in a graham cracker crust).  I ran to the store and got some other goodies - including bacon and cheese burgers (apparently they were really good) and some chili cheese burgers (not as good).  Oh, I also grabbed some steamed shrimp.  YUM!!

Three of Josh's friends/teammates came over.  I love random nights of food and friends.  We all had a good time and the food was good too.  After dinner and talking Josh broke out his mini helicopter I got him for Christmas.  That was the BEST money I've ever spent.  He loves this thing (and so do his friends).  Here are some pictures from this adventure.

Barry had first crack at the copter.  He was a fairly good pilot.

I moved to the other end of the kitchen so I wouldn't get hit.  This thing is light weight, but still scares me.  Lol.

Jason got his turn as he was getting antsy not flying it.  It was an enjoyable end to a fun night.

The only bad part of yesterday was my clean up before they came over.  I was moving a box I thought I could push (I didn't want to bend over and pick it up).  I'm not sure what happened, but the box moved weird and I slipped and the next thing you know my toe is connecting with the door.  I may have broken it, but I think it's just stoved.  It's my middle toe (weird how the rest are just fine little piggies).  It's all black and blue and the nail is cracked.  I won't post pictures because I know a lot of people really hate toes and this one is kind of gross.  So for those that hate toes, there is no picture.  

All this random BBQing reminds me of a very special day in college.  It was our first BBQ of the year at our house there and we named in Mikey Day for a good friend of mine.  We grilled (which he loves) and then went to see a movie (that I'd already seen twice, but love anyways) and then went to Dunkin Donuts to get some weird sandwich, and he said his famous F* off line to the guy working who was a real jerk... overall this whole day was things Mikey loves to do and we did a lot of them.  *sigh*  Mikey, I miss you.  You need to visit me, or move closer or something.

So anyways, I'm heading out tonight for wings with the same people from last night plus a few.  Then it's off to the doctor tomorrow morning for another follow up from my surgery.  Also, my friend Rachel is getting her "special Rachel bumps" removed tomorrow.  We don't know what they are, but she's been through enough, so they HAVE to be nothing.  *hugs* Rachel.  I'm thinking about you LOTS.

Anyways, it's a busy week and it's just getting started!!  I'll post when I have time and pictures, because I've noticed my posts without pictures are BORING.

*hugs and kisses*

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