A Winter Walk

So I ventured out early this morning to see Dr. Steve, our chiropractor this morning.  It was my first time since surgery and it felt nice to get cracked.  I WAS going to go to the gym after (Josh and I had the same appointment time so I was planning to drop him off after chiro), but it was only open 11-2 since it's break.

See my gym is at York College and when the students are on breaks, the gym has "modified" hours.  Eh, it's only $100 a year, so I can't complain.  I was thinking of waiting, but decided that would be WAY too boring.  So I went home.

Around 2 I decided I just needed to do SOMETHING so I bundled up, threw on my cube and headed out.  I wanted to go out for 20 minutes, but once again I got confused in the neighborhood behind us and ended up going a little longer than planned.  It was 1.55 miles (according to mapmywalk.com) of slight hilliness.  It wasn't my best time, but considering this is the most I've done since surgery, it was cold out and it wasn't completely flat... I was SUPER EXCITED!!


It felt good to get out and get moving.  A funny little side note story - the streets around us are all some sort of "light/lite" ending.  Dawnlight, sunlight, moonlight, satellite... well you get the picture.  It's kind of odd.  BUT, I went past Twilight and thought of a friend of mine who I know enjoys the Twilight series.  I haven't gotten sucked in yet, but with the way I read it's only a matter of time.  Hi Jenny!  I took a picture with my phone, but I'll post that tomorrow when I find the cord to plug my phone in and upload it.  Lol.

Tonight Josh and I put away clothes, did laundry, stripped the bed, and de-winterized (aka, our bed linens, towels, etc) our top floor.  I'm hoping to work my way down and have this all un snowmaned before next week.  Boo.  I love my snowmen.  

Tomorrow night we are heading to Harp and Fiddle for some dinner and drinks (for everyone else - I'll have some more water please).

Oh, and I get bonus points today for scheduling an appointment with OSS for my clicking knee (maybe more about that tomorrow) AND my PCP to talk to her about everything I'm doing.  Go me!!

*hugs and kisses*

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