Snow is that cold, white stuff right?

So here in South Central PA (well York at least), we have gotten our first "snow" of the 2008/2009 season. We've had a few "snow" prophecies already, but they always ended in rain with the "snow" melting by 10AM. Well it's 11:40AM and I am proud to say the snow is STILL ON THE GROUND. I'm not sure how much we actually got, as we get a lot of wind in our little community and the snow has drifted, but I would guess about 3ish inches.

Now, you may not have noticed but it is MARCH. So apparently the snow is running a little late this year. I know two years ago our worst snow storm was on St. Patty's Day (Josh, Matt P. and myself still made it to Green Eggs and Kegs at Cobblestone's 7:30AM that day...).
I guess maybe our snowstorms will just start coming later and later. Who knows. I've done some reading on the whole snow phenomenon here. One set of articles I read say that snow patterns change every 7ish years so that in about 5 more years we'll have normal snow in the area again (who knows). The others were saying "global warming" is a misnomer because people are getting record cold weather too due to the overall climate change. All this was read a while ago, so no links, but I SWEAR I read it on the internet somewhere :-P.

All this has ultimately killed my mood for skiing (and learning to snow board since last year didn't go so well). It's not cool that between Josh and I we have every piece of gear needed and yet he's gone ONE day so far this season and I've gone NONE. *sigh* Anyways...

So now for some SNOW pictures.

I started taking pictures from INSIDE the house. This is from our back door.
You can see the grill (bottom left) is all covered.
The other grill you see is our neighbor's.

Isn't our milk crate/step nice? Maybe this time next year there will be a deck...

I ended up venturing outside. Here is the front of our house.

This is about how deep the snow is on the road. They haven't plowed yet.

You can see how deep the snow is here.

They had shoveled about 30 minutes before I went out.
You can see the snow drifted a little bit.

A little pile of snow.

That little lip of snow is what is piled up up against the front door. It's maybe an inch and a half.
(Excuse the garbage and recycling cans - they haven't come to pick them up yet.)
That is also the back of our neighbors places.

I just liked how this picture turned out. ( I was also thankful to be coming back inside.)
It's about 18 out right now with a "real feel" of 6. Ha! It felt a lot colder than 6 with the wind!

So we'll see if this is the last of the snow. I have a feeling this might be it, but winter isn't over yet.

Not sure if I'll get out to play in it at all either. I'm sad that I can't even go sled riding (don't want to ruin any of that beautiful surgery).

Right now I'm snuggled in on the couch getting ready to finish watching season one of Big Love. I'm only two episodes in and I am definitely addicted. It's really interesting and really good.

For anyone on the mid east coast - enjoy your snow day if you have one!
Everyone else - enjoy your Monday!

*hugs and kisses*

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