Cancer sucks.

Yesterday was a long day.  My mom warned me.  Don't take that the wrong way, I LOVE my grandparents, but it was so emotionally and mentally draining.

I headed up to Meme and Pap's around 9:30AM.  Pap needed some time away from Meme to destress so he headed out to my parent's house while I sat with Meme.  She is in so much pain and is just weak.  I had to help her get from point A to point B.  I had to help her to the bathroom, to her chair, to her bed (she slept 3 times).  She's just not the same.  It hurts to watch her like this.  It was only a year ago that she was for the most part fine and pretty mobile.  

I can't even get into what went on the whole day because I can't remember.  It took all my energy to keep a smile on my face and be happy around her.  The one bright point of the day was Pap's insistence I help him make cookies.  He was so happy to have a plan for something and to have me here to help (yes I just teared up typing that - I'm an emotional wreck currently).

We made rocks from Meme's recipe.

We didn't use any allspice, or baking soda.  And only 1 and 1/2 tbs baking powder.

Here is the batter after Pap had spooned out a bunch of cookies already.  What you don't see in these pictures is the HUGE mess I made with the flour.  He thought he wanted me help - he didn't know I am a MESSY cook.  Meme just sat in the other room telling us how bad we were screwing it up.  It was like old times except she used to not let us do ANYTHING because we WOULD have screwed it up... Apparently she was right.  Whatever.

Cookie dough.  Ummmm... yum?  Pap got a little happy with the rum.  They were a LITTLE potent.  I think I sniffed one and almost passed out.  He also does this with his famous beer pancakes (he subs beer for half the water - or it used to be half, and they were really good.  Recently he got a little too beer happy and well...).

They don't change much when cooked, do they? 
All finished!  Pap loved doing this and I loved seeing him so happy.

He also made dinner for me.  Eggplant Parmesan. It was really good.

Earlier while Pap was gone and Meme sleeping I started rereading a book.  1984 by George Orwell.  Some people reading this will laugh when they see this.  Apparently a lot of people lie about reading this book.  Here is PROOF that I am at least carrying it around (but I actually am reading it!!).

Yes I look terrible.  Did you read above?  I didn't even mention the bathroom cleaning I did.  But here it is - me and the book.

Here are some pictures I took of pictures around my grandparents house too.  

This is my senior picture.  Look at the picture I posted directly above this.  Now look at this.  Yes, it is the same girl - 9 years later.  

Oh look, here is me and my little brother.  He grew up.  A lot.  I love this picture of us.  

Now here is a picture I love (sorry I was taking the picture in a frame - so it's blurry).
This is my parent's wedding July 18, 1992.  In the back row is Pap, my mom, my dad and Meme.  I am that cutie in the front row (lol). Meme and Pap are my mom's parents.  Everyone was so happy.  Josh and I got married at the exact same location (my family belongs to a cabin) on July 1, 2006.  Yes I said my parents and yes I am in the picture.  THIS is my family.  THAT is my dad - blood does not matter.  Sort of like Ian is my brother - technicalities do not make a difference when you love someone like I love my dad and brother. ANYWAYS...

As soon as I got back to my parent's I went for a walk with Shiloh.  I needed to get out and move.  I feel so bad for Pap, he never stops moving and now just has to sit there and watch his wife dying.  They got married July 9, 1954.  

They have such a great relationship.  They fought a lot - Meme was always kind of mean and cranky, Pap was always patient with her and loving - and yet it just worked.  I strive to maintain the love they have for each other.  It may not always be visible to the outside world, but to those that know them well - it's there and very real.

So back to my walk last evening.  I took the dog with my and we traipsed around the property.  We went down and got the mail, came back up and walked around the house.  I took some pictures just for fun too.   

Lol.  Look how TALL I am.  

Even TALLER.  I look like I'm on stilts in this one.

Here is the dog.  She kept me up all night on Monday night.  After all this walking though she slept like a LOG on the bed at my feet Tuesday night.  Victory!!

Yeah, I left this picture big.  This is just a section of my parent's back yard.  They have a big yard.  37 acres of yard to be exact.  Some of it is trees, but there are two huge fields (the house and stuff is in one, the lower one is a shooting range).  They also have four wheelers and four wheeler paths through the woods.  There are two tractors and... well you get the picture.  It's RURAL.
So this post concludes yesterday's adventures.  I will post today's at a later time.  That time is to be determined.

*hugs and kisses*

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