Detailed recap of beer, bars and bridal showers.

Let's start with my ride home on Friday night.  My parents and brother were coming home on Saturday, but I knew they would all be tired, so I just left Friday night.

Here is the family house as I was leaving down the driveway.

Last time down the driveway for this visit.  Good thing I didn't have to walk back up it!

The sun was just getting ready to set.  This is on the dirt road that connects to the dirt driveway my parents live on.  There is a lot of dirt to get to their house - and when it's wet it's all mud.  Yuck.

The road between my parent's house and York has a LOT of sex shops, private clubs, etc.  This was just ONE of them.  Some time I will do a picture of each one just to prove my point!!

And this was my last Friday night picture.  It's blurry, but the colors are so pretty.  This was crossing the Susquehanna on the bridge in Harrisburg.

Saturday consisted of a lot of relaxation.  Josh stayed home from riding to spend some time with me.  We both needed that a lot.  I needed to destress a bit and Josh DOES enjoy me most of the time.  We also did some shopping for gifts and other things.  We ran into friends at Target and we got a chance to talk about the house they were looking at (The update to this is they put in an offer yesterday and were supposed to hear by tonight.  Last I talked to them, they still hadn't heard anything.  Boo for waiting!!).

Then we were invited to another friends house for a BBQ.  We thought why not and headed over with some beer.  The food was good, the *ahem* entertainment was hysterical, and I was amused.

I was not amused at all times though.  I was egging one of the guys on and a girl that was there asked me "so, you don't have many girlfriends do you?"  Ummm, yes I have girlfriends, but I am selective thank you very much.  Yes I get stupidly offended by this.  I have always had trouble keeping girlfriends and tend to spend more time with guys (currently friend's of Josh's mostly), but it isn't intentional.  I don't get easily offended by guy talk and enjoy the stupid not dramatic humor of guys.  BUT, I also appreciate my girlfriends and I don't think there is anything wrong with that.  Whatever.  

I may have also offended said girl when we went to a bar and she asked what am I.  Well I gave her my standard "my family wasn't prejudiced, we slept with anyone."  She was not amused.  She was like "but don't you know where your family is from?  That's so sad."  I responded yes I knew.  I was born in the US as were my parents, my grandparents and great grandparents.  So I am American.  Other than that my past is a European mutt.  Oops.  This is why I need to be able to drink.  It keeps me LESS obnoxious.  Lol.

The bar we at was owned by another friend and his family.  The friend wasn't there.  I didn't really like the bar.  It was SUPER smokey (and it isn't supposed to be, but whatever) and the crowd was the kind you can only appreciate when you are drunk.  I was stone sober.  Boo.  And yuck.  NOT impressed.

Otherwise I am going to let Saturday stay in the memories of those that were there.  Well most of them don't remember it and there are parts I'd rather forget... but it was FUN as usual.

Sunday morning I was up early.  Did some laundry, wrapped gifts.  Josh made some cookies and I was out of here at noon.  I left here, stopped at a friend's house to drop off clothes for Josh, then hit up a gas station and headed to my cousin-in-law's bridal shower.  This is actual Josh's cousin on his dad's side.  We've been hanging out with her and her soon to be husband since they moved back from CA.  We really have a great time with them and I enjoyed knowing some of her friend's there.  

Here is the bride to be.  She's so beautiful!  Her bridesmaid's (and mom) threw a fabulous shower!!  I can't wait to see everyone again for the wedding.  It is going to be SOOO much fun!!

Here she is opening the gift from me.  It had some registry items, but the thing in her hand is mini bobby pins.  I had done her hair at New Year's with these and she told me she needed to get some.  I knew she hadn't found any, so I added some to her present.  Lol.

After the shower, I headed to JCPenney at the Park City Mall to buy curtains for our bedroom.  I'd done lots of research, knew what I wanted, and knew they carried it so off I went.  A sales clerk asked if I needed help, she helped me find the curtains and I was rung up in less than 5 minutes.  It was great! These are the curtains I grabbed in the coffeebean color.  

Right after I did that, I met up with Josh at another friend's house for another BBQ.  He had gone riding with the guys during the day (which is why I had to drop clothes off).  There were three families there.  Josh and I, the hosts and their two kids and another set of friends and their 2 kids.  I love playing with kids.  They always really like me for some reason.

Actually, during dinner the guy hosting made a comment "well since we are all parents here..."  Ummm...  he then corrected himself "well you guys spend enough time with kids you are like half parents."  (I really shouldn't quote that since I don't remember the words EXACTLY, but it was pretty darn close to that.)  Ugh, it's true.  We have friends and family with kids of ALL ages.  Newborn to 15.  Seriously.  

After that we headed home and relaxed until bed.  Once in bed I started bugging Josh about the alarm.  Why wasn't it set, what was going on, didn't he have work tomorrow?  He told me he took a personal day and I was so wigged out and confused I kind of got mad at him!!  I have some odd moments and this was one.  I didn't understand what was going on, or if he was teasing me or what??  Sorry sweetie, I know I can drive you nuts and this was a great example of one.

So Monday we got up and just enjoyed hanging out.  I had an important job, but it didn't happen until much later.  More on that.

We ended up grabbing some lunch together and buying a curtain rod for our curtains.  After the return home I wanted to lay down (I had a little headache) and Josh wanted to hang the curtains.  The following pictures depict how this went for us.

This is the bedroom window we got the curtains for.

Josh was figuring out how high to mount the curtains.

Here I am.  If you notice that is our bed (yes I know they are snowflake sheets.  The only non-winter flannel sheets were in the wash when we changed sheets.  So snowflakes it was!).  I was laying down taking the pictures from this spot.  With me was my cell phone, camera and laptop.

There he is measuring, marking, etc.

There's the laptop.  Oops.  Sorry sweetie.  I was sort of helping!

See that angle!  You can't get that standing up.  Laying down is the way to go!

There are the curtains!  I love the dark color!

One more from the bed shot.

And there is a picture of our messy room/bed.  Oops.  I'll clean up and take another picture some other time.

So after these thermal, blackout, noise reducing curtains were hung I decided it was definitely nap time.  I curled up in our dark room while Josh went to wash the car and his bike.

During the nap I got the text I was waiting for all day.  A friend of mine had her baby!!  I was so excited for Emily and her new family!!  She texted me and I posted it to a forum we belong to.  I got the details on her beautiful baby boy and then I got the best thing... a picture of the adorable little guy!!  He is so sweet looking, and I absolutely adore him!

Congratulations AGAIN for the millionth time Emily.  I *pph* you lots.  And although she was nervous for this scheduled c-section she was a champ and I've heard from her since that she is super happy and is doing great.  Awwwww....

So that was my weekend/extended weekend.  I had such a great/busy time and I love all my friends and family for their support, their fun, their laughter and their love.  I needed the distractions!!

*hugs and kisses*

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