Yeah for exercise!

SO.... yesterday was recovery from this weekend.  After sushi night we got up early the next morning and headed to my parents. 

When we got there we "celebrated" my dad's.  Well Josh and I gave him the gift we got him.  He LOVED it.  His favorite movie is Animal House and he likes the game Liar's Dice.  I found an Animal House liar's dice game at Border's at Christmas for half off.  Not only was it the perfect gift, but it was on sale!!  Go me!!

So, my brother was having his friend's over Saturday night for a movie/pizza party.  There were 14 kids there all around his age (14-16).  

I had my first slice of pizza since surgery from Thad's Place.  My cousin owns it, so this was a shoutout for the family business!  I consumed it WAY too quickly and ended up having to go for a walk because my stomach was way too full (I'm sure the few cheddar and sour cream chips before that didn't help either - I know I'm bad, but it was sooooo good!).

Well the kids decided to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 2003 one).  Mom offered to pay Dad money to go grab his chainsaw and scare them.  Josh and I both even offered to chip in $1.  

Dad ran out to the barn (yes, they have a barn) and grabbed his chainsaw.  The kids were watching movies in the basement, but at my parents house the front of the basement is ground level (the house is built into the mountain) and has 2 sets of french doors.  Since the kids were running around they had the doors open, but all the lights off.

When dad snuck around to the doors and started the chainsaw it was chaos!!   ALL the kids screamed, jumped and basically almost had heart attacks.  I was upstairs with my mom and Josh laughing hysterically.

Dad even said we didn't have to pay him because the reaction was worth it!!

My (now) 15 year old brother actually thought this was funny and cool.  Just shows you how awesome my brother really is.

The next day was his actual 15th birthday so my grandparents came out to celebrate.  Meme (my grandmother) has lymphoma and has good and bad days.  Sunday was a bad day (and so have been Monday and today).  Pap, my grandfather, was also just recently diagnosed with cancer.  My family has been kind of a mess lately.

We all had a late lunch.  Early before we got home I "decorated" my brother's cake.  The reason lunch was late is because my brother was at the range practicing for his competition next week.  He is an amazing trap shooter that competes.  Remember I am not a professional and no submitting this to cakewrecks like I am.  Lol.  You can submit it for my awesome skills though, because honestly, I LOVE that site!!  Yes that is a blue and green shotgun (I only had those two colors) and the orange "blobs" at the top were a clay pigeon that was broken.  Whatever.  I liked it.

Then my brother got to open his gifts.  He was super appreciative and I adore how awesome he really is.  We got him an Itunes gift card because he loves music (as do I).  I did get him to take a picture of us together.  I'm 5'2-3ish".  Do you see how big he is??

When we got home Sunday night I was so worn out, but I took the time to update my blog readers with the sushi tutorial.  I win.  Tell me how much you love me now.  Thanks.  :-P

Yesterday during the day was recovery.  Last evening I went over to Dave and Amanda's and the three of us went for a walk.  Josh came over later (after a bike ride) and we all had dinner.  We then did some Wii DDR.  I was done by 10.  Ugh.  

Today I had an appointment to find out why my knee was clicking.  Apparently I have some serious inflamation in it.  He insisted I had an injury, but I haven't.  I was prescribed an anti inflammatory to see if that helps, and if it doesn't then he'll want to do some sort of shot.  Ummm... we'll see about that.

My biggest triumph of these past few days was the gym today.  I was on the elliptical for 30 whole minutes.  Yeah!!  The most I have been able to do was about 20 minutes of cardio and doing that extra 10 was hard but so worth it.  

I am down 17 pounds from my presurgery weight.  I know I should be ashamed about my weight presurgery, but I am not.  I was 186.6.  I am now 169.6.  I am under 170!!

I will hopefully never put on that kind of weight again, but the medication plus the difficulties in working out and some other factors really messed with my ability to process food properly and then also burn off what I had.  The difference I've already noticed in my body is amazing and I am so excited.

The x-ray tech today hugged me when I blabbered on about my surgery and how I really feel it has changed my life.  

Okay now I'm just rambling.  Have a great rest of the evening and I'll try to be back on track with no rambling on my next post - yeah, right.

*hugs and kisses*

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