Good, Bad then Great

Today started at my final follow up for my fundoplication.  I saw Dr. Prats one last time.  He asked how things were going.  Of course I gushed about how great I'm doing and how thankful I am that he did this.  He told me that I was one of his favorite patients ever and he wished every patient was like me.  Duh.  

Honestly though, he had a medical student with him and he explained to the student how much easier life is when you have a well informed patient.  I went in knowing the details of the surgery, the potential outcomes, the different types of surgery, etc.  He did his job of explaining it all to me, but he said explanations only go so far and he appreciated how prepared I was.  Yes, I am very awesome thank you.

I was also cleared to eat or drink whatever I want.  I've had no dysphagia or problems, so he told me to keep eating small meals and if something doesn't feel right, don't drink/eat it again.  Lol.  Thanks.  I also do not need any more follow ups, but I am welcome to call him anytime to ask questions or even just to chat.  Ha.  He loved me!

Oh, he made a funny then about my next surgery.  We were discussing my top incision (that looks the worst) and how my bra rubs against it keeping it from healing properly.  He told the med student "she's having surgery to correct that."  The med student had a puzzled look on his face and I was like "I'm getting a breast reduction, but only so that Dr. Prat's scars look better."  It was funny.  Well, at least we all laughed.

So after that I headed over to the little pharmacy area in the building.  My plastic surgeon is across the street and he told me to go to this pharmacy to get my gauze pad prescription filled.  These are what I will use after surgery to keep those incisions looking good.  I get up to the counter and drop off the paper.  

Pharmacy tech "ummm... like you can buy these like over the counter."  I explain I know that, but I would like her to fill it because my insurance will cover it that way.  "Ummmm... but then I like have to do paperwork and stuff."  I offered to fill out the paperwork for her.  She handed it over and said "they like only cost $16 so, like you should just be able to afford it."

I was super polite the whole time, but honestly, what was the big deal??  The "paperwork" was my name and address and I had to sign like 3 spots.  That's it.  And yes, that is worth $16 to me.  I clip coupons to save $.50 on soup, so yeah I will fill out paperwork for $16.  *sigh*  I got my gauze pads.  I am happy.

After that I head over to the hospital to get my bloodwork (just a CBC - typical for presurgery) done.  Last time this wasn't bad, BUT, my registration lady was a former patient of my plastic surgeon.  She had also had a breast reduction by him.  She then called three nurses who had also had reductions by him and we had a little pow wow.  They told me how absolutely wonderful he is and how he is meticulous and how perfect their breasts are now.  

I was getting a little worried they would whip them out right there.  Nope, thank goodness, but check in took FOREVER and I saw several people glaring at me.  Oops.  

I then headed back to get my bloodwork done.  They are remodeling the hospital, so it was in a different place than it was just 2 months ago.  So I go in, they call me back, I go into the new row of chairs and the lady that I know gives the new girl to me.

She introduces herself and is super happy.  She then prays to Jesus and sticks the needle in.  She then introduces herself again (I think she was nervous).  I tell her she did a very good job and she proceeds to pray to Jesus again.  Ummmm... yeah.  I don't really care, but she's going to eventually get someone who does.  Let's hope they aren't too mean to her since she really was great at her job.  

After my adventures I headed home to wait for Rachel's update.  When it came in, it was not what I was hoping.  Ugh.  Rachel is one of the sweetest most selfless people I know.  She is such a genuinely great person that all this stupid medical stuff is getting ridiculous.  The doctors do not know what her "special Rachel bumps" are and won't know for almost a week.  Ugh.  They cut into her collar bone and neck to remove these things.  

She sent pictures and she STILL had a smile on her face.  She is such an inspiration to me.  

I let other friends of ours know.  They responded overwhelmingly.  This is what I needed.  To see people reaching out to others with support and good thoughts.  Now to anyone reading this blog, please keep Rachel in your thoughts/prayers/whatever you do.  

So that was my day today.  Tomorrow I am heading to a friend's house in the morning to take pictures of his old hot tub being craned out and his new one being craned in.  This should be interesting.  I'll post some pictures of this.

*hugs and kisses*

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I'm a heart warrior! said...

You get to see a crane tomorrow? Up close and personal? That's so cool. You definitely have to take pics!!

I PPH you!


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