242 *waves*

Hello everyone!  Hi!  So when I logged on to make a post I saw that there have been 242 hits to this blog.  Wow!  You guys do know you can comment on here right?  Lol.  No pressure, maybe all those hits are just people clicking on here and going "ummmm... yeah... weirdo" and clicking elsewhere.  *shrugs*  

So anyways... just a quick update.  Last night I slept in bed for the first time since surgery.  I kept trying earlier than this, but couldn't seem to sit up right enough to be comfortable.  It sounds weird, but I could feel my insides making noises and adjusting and moving and... *bleh*.  So last night I felt I was finally ready.  

It went well.  Sort of.  I am a belly sleeper with my arms tucked under my body.  I have no idea why, but found out from my mom that's how she sleeps.  Maybe it's genetic?  Ha!  

Three times last night I woke up on my belly with my arms tucked under me poking my incisions!  Bad girl!  I even had bolstered myself so that I should not have rolled over, but apparently my body prefers that position.  I at least TRIED not to be bad.  That should count for something right??

Today my big incision is really sore and I can feel it more.  It was completely my fault for laying on my stomach and irritating it.  Hopefully tonight I won't do that again.  Yeah.  Right.

My plan for this blog is probably tomorrow or Monday I will do the big update that has all the details from the surgery.  I've been working on it, but I keep getting distracted.  Go figure right?

*hugs and kisses*


I'm a heart warrior! said...

*waves back*

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! *waves back* I'm a belly sleeper too, I don't think I could sleep any other way. Hopefully tonight you're able to sleep right.


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