Day 6 follow up appt

Off to the doctor's office today for my follow up.  My appointment was at 11:20.  When we got there the waiting room was FULL and upon check-in I was told Dr. Prats was running about 30 minutes behind.  No biggie.  I brought a book and Josh had his interneting blackberry.  

This cranky lady starts in with the staff that this is ridiculous and that she had been waiting 3 HOURS (not sure if it was really that long or not) and she had places to be.  They told her that they were sorry and would be happy to reschedule her appointment.  She did not like that and sat back down grumbling and generally annoying the other patients around her.  

Her grumbling wasn't completely unfounded as I wasn't taken back until 12:30 (1 hour and ten minutes after my appointment was to start).  She got in before me though and when she left she slammed every door shouting that it was all a waste of her time.  Now I TRY to not be judgemental, but I'm not sure where all she had to be in her stained and nasty sweatpants, her over sized matching pink stained t-shirt with way too small odd graphic t shirt over top of that and a house coat.  Seriously?  Ugh.

When I finally go back the nurse (who looks like she could rip your head off at any second that I was afraid to talk to last time) is all chatty and nice to me.  We go over my issues and I tell her about my chicken broth/diarrhea issue and she promises Dr. Prats will be advancing my diet.

Wait what?  Really?  Yeah, yippee, omg.  I'm SO EXCITED!!

She then takes my vitals and I sort of wince.  I'm not thinking and Josh reminds me that my arm is still all ugly looking.  I show the nurse and she agrees that the person who put the IV in was really bad.  I tell her it was the IV team.  She does not look happy about that.  Apparently she used to work in the hospital and said when SHE was there this never would have happened.  *shrugs*

A few minutes later and Dr. Prats comes in.  He goes over how well the surgery went.  He then discusses my advanced diet that includes creamy soups, soft noodles, milk shakes, etc.  and how in two weeks or so I can start trying out some fish, ground beef, or small pieces of chicken.  Yippee!!  I tell him how well I've been doing, explain that I'm weaning myself off the prescription pain medication, that I'm in almost no pain and I am really happy to have had this done. 

He told me I made his day especially after all the issues and patients waiting.  Yeah!  I made his day! 

He then took off my steri strips that were over my incisions.  Only ONE needed another one put on temporarily, but the rest look really, really good.  We were told to come back in 4 weeks to check everything out, but he was really proud of me and how well I was doing and he was happy to have helped me.  I walked out of that room grinning my big "I did good today" grin.  

I whispered to Josh "as soon as we are out of here, I want a milkshake."  He shook his head at me, we made my follow up to my follow up and off we went.

We were going to stop at McDonald's, but my mom was on the phone with me and strongly advised not to because of all the fillers.  So off to Weis to get some cookies and cream ice cream.

Josh had to hurry back to work, but took the time to make me a milkshake.  It was HEAVEN.  Yes, it took me almost 5 hours to finish one glass (I put it in the fridge several times), but it was worth it.  I can't seem to stomach a lot of food at once, but I have had no problems swallowing (dysphagia) which is excellent.  

I'm actually going to make myself (poor Josh got home and something happened at work, so he's working from home to try to fix it - he did get to watch the end of stage 5 of the Tour of California, so that should make him happy) some... MASHED POTATOES *swoon* right now for dinner.  

*hugs and kisses*

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I'm a heart warrior! said...

Milkshakes are a weakness of mine. Our house is around the corner from the world's largest dairy store . . . so when I've been home recovering from surgery, it's not uncommon to find me walking over there for a milkshake. Huge part of my diet during recovery - and the walk to get there is enough exercise to make me nap the rest of the day. (Yes, I've had them for breakfast on numerous occasions.) I'm happy your diet has been expanded to include more foods!


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