8AM and 10AM

So I got the phone call.  I have to report to the hospital at 8AM.  I will be taken to the second floor and prepped.  My surgery is *tentatively* scheduled for 10AM, but since I'm the second one, that time is not set in stone.  

10AM is a little more than 14 hours away.  Wow.  I really thought I'd be nervous by now.  Or scared, or something.  I get nervous about going to SEE the doctor and this one is about to cut into my abdominal cavity, move around my insides, cut, stitch and mend me and I am not even worried.

Well I am worried - I mean how much juice can one person drink?  And do I have enough books to read?  Oh oh, and will I have enough TV and movies to watch?  AND, what do I wear
 tomorrow?  Okay, so nothing really important to be worried about.  Lol.

I'll try to update this when I can and let anyone reading this know how it's going, but that won't be until Saturday since I am not taking my laptop to the hospital.  I will also try to convince Josh to update his facebook from his phone so people know when my surgery starts and when it ends. 

This is where I'll be tomorrow.  Josh took this amazing picture in December when we were working on a Christmas present for his parents.  This is where Josh was born.  Awwww... So anyways, here it is:

Yeah for tomorrow and fixing my broken insides!!

*hugs and kisses*

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I'm a heart warrior! said...

Good luck today. I'm thinking about you.


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