Super Bowl and Snacking

Pot luck parties are amazing.  Not only do you get to make food you normally don't get to eat, but other people bring even more food that normally doesn't get made.  It is like a smorgasbord of artery clogging goodness.  I haven't really been able to enjoy one of these foodgasm inducing events in so long it's almost shameful.  I have all the food at my finger tips and after a few tiny tastes, my body goes into shock that I would be so idiotic to place such deliciouness in it that it makes me miserable and I end up sick all night.  Last night at the Super Bowl was just another reminder that I can not enjoy good food (well, good in the sense of taste overload, maybe not good in the healthy sense...).

We had oodles of mouth watering food.  Our kitchen table (with leaf) was full, our sideboard was full, we had a friends card table - full, and all available counter space and stove top were full.Here is some proof:


There were 22 people here total and I enviously drooled at all their plates full of food.  My only saving grace was that in now less than two weeks hopefully all that will change!  My stomach may be smaller, but it hopefully won't hate me when I try to indulge every once in a while.  So yeah for the first big party in the new place.  Yeah for all the friends that came and helped us watch the game.  And yeah for the Steelers winning!  

So let's do a little background on my stomach today.  In high school I had some heartburn issues.  Nothing a few Rolaids couldn't cure.  Once I got to college and started drinking and eating late night pizza, my few Rolaids turned into handfuls often.  Post college the food intake got better and the alcohol intake decreased.  The heartburn got worse and at this point was now considering buying stock in the Rolaid company.  I tried all the other over the counter acid reducers, but even while taking those I was still popping Rolaids at night to sleep.

Off to the doctors I went.  Now, the first doctor was in a practice that was slightly larger.  He listened to my concerns, asked me to keep a food diary for a month and sent me on my way with a Nexium prescription.  The diary was well documented, but the Nexium only lasted about a week (I had horrible nausea from it).  I go in again and he hadn't glanced at my chart and asked what I was in for today. I say heartburn and pain.  Then the conversation went something like this *note: this was almost 5 years ago and my memory is not that good.  Gist wise we are on par, actual words spoken are hazy at best.

Me: Ummm... I'm coming back to discuss the burning in the throat and the right arm paralyzing pain you had me do a food diary for??  
Dr. : Oh wow, you have arm pain from it?  Have you had your gall bladder checked?
Me: No, you didn't say anything about my gall bladder, but here is my food diary.
Dr. : For what?
Me: Ummm... I don't know, you asked me to keep one.
Dr. : Okay, let's get an ultrasound on your gall bladder and keep track of the food you are eating when you get the pain and I'll see you in a month or so.
Me : Wait, I did keep track of my food, it's right here.  I'll get the ultrasound, but I'd like to see you sooner than a month.
Dr. : *shrugs* Whatever works with your schedule.

Would you believe I actually went back after having my gall bladder checked?  *sigh*  They found nothing and we had a similar conversation to the one above.  

At this point I got a recommendation from a friend and started going to a different practice.  My new doctor (who is a PA) is AMAZING and I pink puffy heart her a lot.  I'll refer to her as SK from here on and I may say I pph (pink puffy heart) her often.  I'll apologize now for it and get it out of the way.

Next time I will delve into the inner workings of my and SK's relationship and explain how she got me to where I am today.  For now the kitchen is calling, as well as the living room, bathroom, bedrooms, etc.  I need to clean this mess of the party aftermath.

*hugs and kisses*

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