7 Minutes and 9 Days

bWe got some snow last night.  It seems like we never actually get any significant amount of snow anymore though.  And if we do get a little snow, it either melts the next day or turns to ice before the sun rises.  Even with the tiny amount of snow/ice/slush we have, people have complete meltdowns on the road.  Today an older lady was not paying attention at all and pulled out almost into me.  I quickly turned the wheel and skidded into a driveway (on that note I LOVE our Subaru.  It handled beautifully!).  I notice the women has gotten out of her car and is sobbing.  When I get out she starts screaming at me that I scared her.  Umm... what?  YOU pulled out in front of ME even though you were pulling onto a MAIN ROAD that had snow and ice on it and YOU had a STOP SIGN.  I slipped back into my car, and got out of there quickly.

People are going crazy and I'm afraid it's going to rub off on me soon.

After my adventure I headed to Dr. Steve to get all cracked before surgery next Friday.  I mention my knee noise and he gives it a little tweak.  Unfortunately he thinks it's just the arthritis flaring up (even though I'm taking glucosamine) and tells me I need to keep an eye on my alignment while walking and exercising.  So far my list of things to remember while exercising are 1. don't fall 2. drink water 3. BREATHE 4. don't throw up 5. BREATHE 6. keep my feet aligned properly 7. don't fall 8. BREATHE.  

Yes I am out of shape and slightly uncoordinated.  My poor mother paid for all those years of dance and I still have the coordination of a giraffe on a tightrope.  In my next lifetime I will be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, but as for this lifetime I'm stuck with what I've got.

Going to Dr. Steve is fun because the girl that works in the morning (Sarah) and I tend to have long fun conversations.  A note to all doctor offices, if you have a nice front office person, no matter how long you make me wait, I will be entertained and not likely to get annoyed.  Seriously.  AND if you are looking for a nice front office person I'm right here!  I smile, I chat, and I love answering the phone.  Call me!

The next stop on this morning's adventure was the gym.  It was uneventful which was highly surprising.  My knee still clicked, my stomach was still all churny and I fell off the one weight machine (I don't think anyone was watching this time!).  All in all a pretty good workout!

My final morning stop was the hospital.  I needed some blood work prior to my surgery just to check all my counts.  Normally I register before I go in, but I kept forgetting to register and figured since I was already out today I'd just stop by and see how long it would take.  I walked into the entrance at 10:13.  The lady registered me (we had a little hiccup because she asked if this was multiple procedures and I said no.  Apparently the plastic surgeon had already registered my reduction and registration lady - and myself- were confused), and told me to head down the hall.  I walked into the lab waiting room and the lady took my paper and told me to go sit in the chair.  Another women walked back, put a tourniquet on my right arm, swabbed me, stuck me, bandaged me and told me to have a nice day.  I walked out the entrance at 10:20.  SEVEN MINUTES!   

I will say it a million times, I love Memorial Hospital.  This is where Josh was delivered and now I go there for all my testing and both my upcoming surgeries.  People may say the York Hospital is newer and nicer.  Newer yes, but the staff at Memorial is so pleasant and friendly.  They take such good care of their patients, their nurses are happy and their doctors seem genuine.  I won't go to York for anything anymore.

Oh, and speaking of Josh.  He got his new bike frame last night.  When I came down after my shower he was sitting on the couch holding the frame on his lap watching American Idol (he'll admit to the sitting on the couch with the frame, but not the American Idol - thank goodness I got picture proof!)

 Okay back to me after the little side track into Josh's latest bike porn ... So I'm down to single digits.  Only 9 days until surgery and I'm ready to go.  My only concern is staying healthy until next Friday.  Sick people stay away!  I won't find out until next Thursday (if I don't hear from them by 7 PM I'm supposed to call) what time my surgery is, I just know it's sometime Friday.  My mom is coming down Friday for my surgery.  Josh will be around as well, but  I may need that many people to tend to my needs. Anyone else want to volunteer??  I MIGHT be kind of helpless when I'm in pain and I MAY milk it a little. I kind of want a little bell for post op days.  I don't think Josh will go for it though.  Hmmm...  

Although this posting thing is fun, I sometimes spend too much time doing it (like right now!).  So I'm off to do something non blog related.  

*hugs and kisses*

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