Day 4 post op

I'm doing okay for anyone still checking this.  I know I've promised information about the surgery, etc, but I was a little too cocky about how quickly I was healing.  This is my second try off the percocet and it seems to be going better thinking wise, but I'm still pretty worn out and sleepy.

I was expecting pain and that it would help me ignore the food craving.  Not so much.  I'm still having fantasies of just chewing on food and spitting it out before I swallow.  *ugh*  Not good!  

On the plus side we had visitors twice yesterday (well three times, but I was asleep for one).  Hank came over to ride the trainer/rollers with Josh, Barry stopped by (this was my asleep time) and Dave and Amanda stopped by with a little gift.  It was a plate and bowl!  This was very thoughtful and orange, so of course I loved it.
I also got a nice fake flower arrangement from Josh's grandparents on Monday. 

I've lost 7 lbs since I came home on Saturday and 9lbs since Thursday, the night before surgery.  I was warned 10-15lbs within the first two weeks, but I'm almost half way to the max number and it isn't even one week since surgery.  I really hope that on Thursday, when I have my follow up with Dr. Prats,  I can start on a full liquid diet (not just clear like now).  So some milk, carnation breakfasts, etc.  That would be soooo nice.  

Good news:  I'm getting better.
Bad news: It's taking a little longer than I thought.

*hugs and kisses*

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