I lost a stone!

I was watching some BBC show today they were talking about someones weight in stones.  It's so odd because I thought they measured weight in kg (or something), but apparently stones are still used.  Well 1 stone = 14 pounds, and as of today I am down 14 pounds!  Weeee!

Let me tell you the secret to losing all this weight.

1.  For one week consume only jello, juice and water ( *warning TMI* - because although chicken broth is an option, your diarrhea will eventually smell like it and then when you try to consume the chicken broth your butt will hurt in a reminder of it and then you just can't stomach it at all anymore and it will make you gag).

2. Week two you can add the following to your diet.

A friend of Josh's parents sent along two cases of these yummy little shakes.  Well the Chocolate Swirl ones are yummy.  I don't like the Vanilla ones at all, but Josh does, so that's his case. 
MMM... I love looking in the fridge and seeing these little guys.
I also acquired some baby food.  I love baby food.  Yum.
OATMEAL.  I also have the fruit and cream variety, but the maple and brown sugar is sooo good too!
Take one of the above.  ADD some of the below...
Put in some fruit, carnation mix, or OREO cakester and any combination becomes a yummy little shake.  Josh makes them for me and it's so good.

You can also add some mashed potatoes, soup, and sucking the salt off of the tortilla chips at Chili's (whatever, they looked good and on some I even dipped them in the salsa! I'm sure the bus person thought the napkin full of chips was gross.  Sorry!)

Josh and I actually made a really good Crab and Corn Bisque using some of the gross *gag* chicken broth.  We subbed imitation crab for the real deal (it's more like a soft noodle and I thought it would be easier on me), didn't use the bay leaves, used Old Bay in place of both the cayenne and Cajun seasoning (we ended up using a little extra too - we all LOVE Old Bay), and used one can cream of corn and one can regular corn to replace the fresh corn.  It was super yum and we took it to a friend's house for Sunday night dinner.  Fantastic!!

Oh, and if you are really bad like me you MIGHT eat a cadbury cream egg or two (or 4!!  oops), but I was PMSy and I made sure the chocolate had completely melted in my mouth before swallowing!  Ha.

Other than that I've had some ravioli's (cheese only), some melted cheese (I take some shredded sharp cheddar or mozzarella, mix in just a little garlic or onion salt and either pop in the microwave for a minute or throw in the oven - yum), and tonight I made my family's ronis.

1 1/2 c. elbow macaroni
1 can tomato soup
1/2 can milk (use your tomato soup can)
1/4 block Velveeta cheese (add more or less depending in your cheesy factor)
salt and pepper to taste

Make macaroni as directed on box.  Drain.  Add the soup, milk and cheese (cubed works best to melt it quicker) and stir occasionally until a creamy consistency - it helps to have the burner on simmer.  Salt and pepper to taste and walla!

Okay, all this is making me hungry!  Maybe I still need one more snack before the day is over.  Hmmm...

*hugs and kisses*

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