Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go...

I wanna be sedated.  Who doesn't love a Ramones song to start the day?  Seriously, I woke up this morning with that song in my head... and the phone ringing.  Dr. Adams will be my anesthesiologist tomorrow.  He was calling to let me know he had nothing to tell me.  Ha!  Someone from his group will meet with me tomorrow when I get to the hospital.  I STILL don't have a time for my surgery yet.  I am supposed to know sometime this afternoon up until 7PM tonight, so I'll be blogging again later today most likely.

Last night was my "last supper."  How many is this now?  Josh and I had a friend in college that had I think 3, maybe even 4, going away parties.  He was moving to another state.  About a year later he was back.  Lol.  Josh said I was starting to milk it a little like he did.  The picture inset is me in the car waiting to go to dinner.  

After dinner we headed to the grocery store.  I got 5 things of juice, some chicken stock, some bullion cubes and jello.  Josh really enjoyed this shopping trip because he got a bunch of food that we normally don't keep a lot of because I don't eat it.  Yeah for him!  We also met Amanda at the store so we had fun shopping around with her.  

Overnight we had some pretty bad wind that has unfortunately continued into today.  I have already been having trouble sleeping since I stopped my meds, but the wind last night made everything much worse sleeping wise.  *yawn*  Right now there are shingles in our backyard.  I checked and they aren't ours, but it makes me nervous that it is that windy.  I'm not a fan of high winds and am very thankful we don't live where there are tornadoes!

Today I have a to do list of last minute things I want to get done.  I'll be working on my list hoping the hospital calls sooner rather than later so I know what time I'll be getting surgerized.  I'll try to post on here when it is.  If not, sometime tomorrow I'll be getting fixed up and probably won't post an update until late Saturday or Sunday.

*hugs and kisses*

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