Bile and Basketball

I feel like this might be a little late, but this blog may have some gross topics.  I mean I am talking about medical issues and some get bloody, gooey and messy.  Yuck.  I can talk about these topics no problem, and see them in person, but would you believe it that when I see someone else's blood, body parts, etc. on tv or in pictures I get nauseous.  *shudders*  Let's just add this to my list of issues and move on...

Last night I went to the gym.  Now I do these gym spurts every once in a while.  I start going 1-2 times a week, then I start going 3 times a week and then out of the blue I just stop.  I'm still on my 2 times a week and next Friday I have surgery so... lol.  I don't really want to lose weight per say.  I actually really like my body when I see it in the mirror - now pictures can be another story, but we'll ignore those for the time being.  I basically go to the gym to feel better and hopefully get slightly healthier.  

Now, I would have ditched the gym last night.  In fact I was all ready to just blow it off and sit at home eating something bad for me when Josh called and told me that he and Dave were playing racquetball and he didn't have his clothes.  Sometimes I think he does this just so I have to go.  All the time it works.  He has me figured out pretty well.  Jerk.  So begrudgingly I head off to the gym in the rainy cold weather.  Once there I am in the zone.  

Throwing on my cube and jamming out to some old school jock jams, techno and whatever else looked good during my last music reload (there may be Hillary Duff, Christina Aguilera, Brittany Spears, etc on there, but I don't care so >:-P) puts me in a slightly happy place.  Last night the gym was packed meaning I got on the last elliptical (and it was one of the stupid ones with the moving arms that I can't use because I am NOT that coordinated and it would result in several injuries).  Well since the beginning of the new semester it has been packed, AND since I go to the gym at Josh's work at the college it is filled with young girls in short shorts and young guys trying to look all crazy and tough and then hit on the young girls.  I try to just zone out and sing along to my songs.  Apparently sometimes out loud according to the death stare I got from freshman girl sporting her "We graduated '08 and I had the bestest high school ever - Go Cougars!" t shirt.  

These t shirts usually include every single person in the graduating class's signatures too.  I know - I had (okay whatever, yes I still HAVE it, but I try to keep it contained to my closet now) one.  I, just like this young girl, thought I was so cool rocking my graduating year on my back.  Mine stated "Kiss my class goodbye" with big signature filled '00.  Ugh.  I also have a pair of the shorts said freshman girl was wearing that sported YORK COLLEGE right across the butt.  Also from my college days.  Those were taken to the Salvation Army though.  No one needs to concentrate on my jiggle butt anymore (or maybe they just don't fit the jiggle butt anymore, but we're going to go with the first reason okay?).  Trust me. 

I have lots of gym stories, but I keep distracting myself with the real reason I started this post and so I am going to try to concentrate and get back to topic.  So ANYWAYS I sweated myself silly for 30 minutes on the elliptical and departed the packed cardio/weight room and wandered my way to the indoor track.  The track is above the indoor basketball area which you can also ask them to put up nets for various other sports like volleyball, bad mitten, etc.  It's fun to watch other people while walking in an oval only making left turns.  

So there I am content to wander my circle, watching various groups of people attempt to improve their skills on the court while watching the girls basketball scoreboard through a window from the field house to the actual court, when I suddenly I don't feel so good.  Now it takes 8.8 laps to do a mile (why they couldn't have measured so it was either 8 OR 9 laps is beyond me).  I was on lap three when I felt my tummy start to roll a little.  Lap 4 I felt the bile and acid start to rise and midway through lap 5 it was in my mouth.  

*DISCLAIMER* - this next part is gross so skip the next paragraph if you are squeamish.

So being the good little acid refluxer I am and being used to this feeling I start swallowing, and swallowing, and I can't seem to keep up with the stomach goo.  At this point it is working its way up my nasal passage while I finish lap 5 quickly (ALMOST running) and head to the bathroom.  I expel all my nasty juices into a toilet (which was the cleanest of the group and yes I took time to check and no it still wasn't that clean) and clean myself up.  This usually doesn't happen to me while I am awake, but as my condition worsens, my symptoms do as well.  Yet another reason having this surgery is becoming more and more important.

After my stint in the bathroom I head back to the track and shortly Josh joins me.  I finish my final 4 laps (because I need to do 9 to finish a mile and since they don't have a magic teleporter from lap 8.8 to the start I must do the whole 9th lap) and then just cool down another 3 laps with Josh (who ran a mile - freak).  My only issue with the rest of my walking time was watching these two pairs of volleyball players.  Each side had one boy and one girl and they were GOOD.  Really, really good.  These people were DIVING for the ball on the hard surface and usually getting it back into play!  I cringed every time they did and I think this is what sent my crackly knee into spasms so that it made walking difficult.   Guess I need to mention this sound to Dr. Steve my chiropractor when I'm there on Wednesday.

Okay this is getting a little wordy and I need to clean up tonight's dinner (and maybe make some dessert since Josh left to go train at Barry's with the boys and I'm here alone).

*hugs and kisses*

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