It's raining, it's pouring...

I suppose I should be thankful that it is warm enough that it's rain and not snow, although that's supposed to come on Sunday.  This has got to be the weirdest weather ever this winter!  

So today is exactly two weeks post my surgery.  Things are going really, really well.  That last incision is finally closing up and looking not as bad.  Although my skin does not really appreciate all the adhesives on it.  Boo.

Here is the whole thing.  All five incisions.
You can see the one by my belly button is still a little open and the redness
from the band aid irritation.

Here is a really awful and blurry close up of this one.
Sorry it's so blurry though.

Here is the irritation offender.  An adorable little
Strawberry Shortcake band aid that says "Berry Cool"

Other than that little grossness, I am feeling really good, I only nap every other day or so and only for about 30 minutes.   I have had NO acid reflux at all and the weight loss is finally starting to even out a little.

My diet is expanding and I have had NO food issues.  I've been able to swallow and digest everything easily so far which is awesome.  No Rolaids, no Protonix, no anything.  Wee!!  I still am careful lifting things (it takes about 21 days for the internal stitches, etc to heal), but I did Wii Fit the other night.  I was all sorts of out of breath, but it still felt really good to do something.

Oh, and I also can't take a multi vitamin (they used to make me sick to my stomach, and now I can't swallow one yet), so I really think those little shakes are saving my energy.

See at the bottom, 250 calories! 
 I swear the chocolate ones taste like chocolate marshmallow ice cream.  
I'm not sure if you can buy these anywhere (mine are from Josh's parents friend), 
but if anyone has seen them for purchase, let me know!!

Here are the nutrition facts if anyone is interested.

So it's been a pretty good two weeks.  Tomorrow we are off to a 1rst Birthday Party which should be super fun and exciting.  We haven't seen these friends in a while so I can't wait.  If I'm not too worn out I'll try to post a little about it tomorrow. 

*hugs and kisses*


nicoles0305 said...

I used to work at the Weis is East York. I'm pretty sure they sell the Carnation Instant Breakfast there.

Tiff said...

I came across your blog and read the whole thing this morning. Best wishes to you as you are recovering from surgery. It was an interesting read and I am glad you are sharing your experiences.

aria said...

Premade CIB like that isn't available in stores. You can order here (free shipping) for home delivery.



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