I'm going to starve!

Well maybe not actually starve, but you wouldn't know it to see what I've been eating lately.  Lol.  I keep having all these cravings for different food and instead of being good and not eating it, I keep justifying it by saying "well I won't be able to for a couple weeks, so I deserve this."  Ugh seriously brain?  You know better!!  

Thursday was Romo's - their cream of crab soup is fantastic and their bread is homemade mmmmmmm.
Friday was Fuddrucker's - burger and shake
Saturday was Longhorn - appetizer, drinks, dessert (my favorite kind of meal)
Sunday was Cider Cheese Fondue, Old Bay steamed shrimp, Sirloin seared fondue with Green Goddess dip (Thanks Amanda and Dave for my last "Sunday family dinner" for a couple weeks!!)

Ha!  I usually don't eat like this, but I've been indulging a little.  Just yesterday I bought a Gertrude Hawk caramel and chocolate dipped apple with marshmallows and sprinkles on it. And I wish this was all of it.  I am going to ignore the rest.  

I can't wait for Friday so I stop eating like a madwoman.  Ha!

*hugs and kisses*

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